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Contact ISS du 20 Juin 2014.

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Bonjour à tous,

Réception du contact ARISS avec une école de l'italie à 20h40 local :


Un contact ARISS par télébridge a été programmé pour le 20 juin à 18h36 TU soit 20h36 locales. Lastronaute Gregory Wisman KF5LKT Alexander Gerst répondra aux questions dun groupe détudiants de différents pays. Les groupes sont localisés en Italie et en Belgique. Cest la station IK1SLD dans le nord de lItalie qui établira le contact avec ISS.

Le contact se fera en anglais

Liste des questions :

1. What kind of physical exercises do you do during the astronaut training?

2. Do you have a fridge on the ISS?

3. Did you participate to survival camps during your astronaut training?

4. Is it difficult to move on the ISS?

5. Did you ever argued with your crew mates?

6. Do you have animals on board the International Space Station?

7. Did you bring a food which is special to you on the ISS?

8. Do you have children?.

9 How long was your training as an astronaut?

10. Were you happy when you got selected as an astronaut?

11. How many hours do you exercise every day?

12. How do you distinguish day and night on ISS?

13. Is astronaut food as good as at home?

14. Are you homesick?

15. What happens if you get sick on the ISS?

16. Do you like science?

17. Do you work as a team on the ISS?

18. Do you think aliens exist?

19. Do you like more rugby, football or martial arts?

20. Did you have many friends when you were a child?

Je n'ai pas eu tout le contact, reception un peu difficile.

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