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MFJ-998 antenna tuner asym. 1,8-30MHz, 1500W
n° 361117  
Catégorie: Accessoires radioamateur
Date: 25 avril 2022
Déposée par AngelesjxPrix: 750 € + port 25

Appareil qui n'a été qu'exposé. Totalement nouveau, tout neuf. The MFJ-998 is an automatic coupler for connection by coaxial cable or parallel line. It includes a panel with SWR and power reader, through this front panel you can choose 2 different antenna positions, and a 4: 1 balun. Coupling from impedance of 6 to 1600 Ω from 1.8 to 30MHz. With 2500 memories in 4 banks and for each antenna, with which there are 20,000 preselection memories, with which it tunes you instantly. You could also dock manually. The maximum power is 1500 W in SSB and CW. Which can be viewed on the analog meter.